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Combine Two Sites Into One

I said some websites are very cool, they use some simple elements mash up and become a nice site. Today, I like share this one, Nice Sharing.

It is a very cool site that can help you put two websites into one site, you can make them stand by stand, or one display bigger than another, or just display one and hide another. Very very simple, just fill two web addresses into its address bars, choose a screen display size that you liked. You can hide a site and only display one site, that can make a site with background music: one is regular site, another is a music (MP3) address. Click "Create Link" button, it gives you new address to display websites. It is very cool.

I made this one, try Living Online with piano music.
我说过有些网站非常酷,他们使用一些简单的元素合成一个酷站。今天,我要与大家分享这个网站:Nice Sharing

这是一个非常酷的网站,它可以帮助你将两个网站合成一个网站,你可以让他们两个并排显示,或者一个网站的显示面积大于另一个,或者干脆只显示一个网站而将另一个隐藏,这可以用于一个网站上的背景音乐:一个是常规网站,另一个则是一个音乐(MP3)地址。点击"Create Link"按钮,它会给你一个新地址来显示网站。非常酷!

我用它来合成了这个,试一下带有钢琴背景音乐的Living Online

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