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A Desktop Shortened Tool

Many people like micro-blog such as Twitter, because it can post short information very quick, and use different devices, it is very good for cellphone.

When you post message on Twitter you have to use some shortened URL service that can shorten regular web address, because it is easy way to type web address on your small device. The problem is so many shortened URL services you can pick, how can you pick different services as you wanted every time? Now, we have a small desktop tool that can help you pick multiple shortened URL services.

It called "MURL" that is a desktop tool. You can easy make short web address as you wanted. It supports 26 different URL Shortening services, like,,, Tiny URL, and so on. You can pick some your favorite services in option.

Download MURL

It is a useful tool for micro-blogging users.



这个工具叫"MURL",是一个桌面工具。你可以非常容易地将网址缩短。它支持26各不同的短网址服务器,如,,, Tiny URL等等。你还可以在它的选项中设定你喜欢的短网址服务器。



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