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Make Photo Video With ClipGenerator

Some people are interesting about put photos with favorite music make a nice short video. It is very good for family and friends. Some software can do that job, but if you do not want install software you can find some web based applications to instead of it.

Clip Generator is a web based application that can help you to make a photo slide video, it is similar with another web based application - Animoto.

It is very simple, just choose music from list, and upload your photos or video. It has limited play time and photos. You can also import photos from some other image sites like Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, and so on. Last step is mash up, after all done you can preview it, if you do not want change you can fill your email. You can choose a video format, it will send you an email with download link.

Look this one:


Clip Generator是一个在线工具,它可以帮你制作一个图片视频,它与另一个网站 - Animoto非常类似。

制作程序很简单,只要在一个列表中选择你喜欢的音乐,上传你的图片或视频。它对视频播放时间和图片数量限制。你也可以从其他的图片网站上导入图片,如Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket。最后一步是混合,完成后你还可以预览,如果你决定不更改后可以输入你的电子邮件地址。你可以选择一个视频格式,它会发送一封附带下载链接的邮件给你。

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