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Pepperoni MP3, A Music Search Engine

Pepperoni MP3 is a new free MP3 search engine, like other music search engines, it can help you to search and download MP3 music file from internet.

You can type a keyword into search bar, choose a search mode: all, song, album, and artist. It gives you a list of results, click one item it will open another window with a simple player, you can click play song. If the song has related album it can display a play list, you can play it either. It also offer download, just click "Download" link you can direct download MP3 file.

This is a search engine, so it is not store any MP3. Update: after I wrote this article I had try Pepperoni MP3, it could not search anything. I think that cause it is powered by Up4um, it is down now, but you still can click early download or search songs on bottom list.

Pepperoni MP3是一个新的免费MP3搜索引擎,与其他音乐搜索引擎一样,它可以帮助你搜索和下载网络上的MP3文件。

你可以在搜索条上输入关键词,选择搜索模式:全部、歌曲、专辑和歌手。它会显示一个搜索结果列表,点击一个结果它会打开另一个附带简单播放器的窗口,你可以点击播放。如果该曲子有其他相关专辑的话,它还显示一个列表,你也可以点击播放。Pepperoni MP3也提供下载,只要点击"Download"链接就可以直接下载。

这是一个搜索引擎,所以并不储存任何MP3文件。Update: 在我写了这篇文章后再次试了Pepperoni MP3,它好像不能进行搜索。我想这可能是它使用Up4um的缘故,该网站目前不能工作。但是你仍然可以点击网站下方先前下载和搜索的歌曲列表进行播放。

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