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Use 3D Image To Design Your Room

If you just bought a new house or move to a new apartment you will face to this problem: how can you settle these furniture in your room? The best way is design a blue paper that display where these furniture you want set. 3Decorator is a good place that can help you to do this job.

3Decorator is a 3D website that based on online flash application. It helps people to plan different room decoration, settlement, it displays 3D image so that is easy to see how decoration in the room. It is easy to plan your room with 3D image, you can pick furniture item like table, bed, chairs from category, and drag to design space. You can move, adjust position as you wanted. If you are satisfied you can save it, but you have to register an account with 3Decorator. This a free service, you can put your room plan in to a public gallery. It is a cool site.



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