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Clicker, A Nice Web TV Guide

Clicker is a web TV guide that introduce about where you can watch TV programs on internet, like TV show, movie, music video. You can browse video by Categories, TV, Web originals, Movies, Music, Trends, Playlist. Each items have list, you can click a video that will display some information about that video, like resource, description.

Some videos you can direct click and watch without leave site, because Clicker embeds many videos on its site, but some videos you have go to original site to watch. Most TV shows from US TV companies, like CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, Fox. Other videos from other websites. Movies from Hulu, Crackle, Snagfilms, and so on.

If you want check what is going on about internet TV program maybe this is a good guide, but some US based TV program could not be play if you are living outside of US.

Clicker is beta version now, it requires invitation for register an account.

Clicker是一个网络电视指南网站,它提供一些在网络上哪里可以收看电视节目,如电视秀、电影、音乐视频等。你可以在Categories, TV, Web originals, Movies, Music, Trends, Playlist这7个目录下浏览内容,每个主题下都有列表。点击一个视频可以看到一些相关的信息,如来源、简介。

有些视频可以直接点击观看而无需离开该网站,因为它在网站上镶嵌了视频,但是有些视频只能到原来的网站上观看。大部分电视节目来自美国的电视公司,如CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, Fox等。一些视频节目来自另外的网站。电影基本上来自Hulu, Crackle, Snagfilms等等。



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