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A New Torrent Search Engine: BitSnoop

I think that is not everybody use torrent download, because it is not direct download file, you must download a small torrent file first, then use a client to download real target file. Another problem for normal people is most file hosting services are not offer download file by torrent, so you have to search torrent files. It is not hard to find torrent files on internet, you can direct go some torrent sites, or use torrent search engines to search files.

Today, I would like introduce a new torrent search engine - BitSnoop. This search engine based on Russia, it indexes one million torrents. Compare to other torrent search engines, it is not big difference but still have some points worth to mention. You can search file by different file type like Everything, Video, Audio, Games, Software, and Other. You can also search file by Peers, Seeders, Leechers, Health, Size, it makes you easy to search file.


今天,我要介绍的是一个新的变态下载搜索网站-BitSnoop,该网站位于俄罗斯,它索引了超过1百万的变态文件。比较别的变态搜索网站,它并没有什么大的不同,但仍然有一些特点值得一提。你可以使用文件分类来搜索,如:综合、视频、音频、游戏、软件或其他。也可以使用数据分类来进行搜索,如:peers, seeders, leechers, health, size。这让你搜索起来非常方便。

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