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Record And Playback Sketch

Sketch Cast is a web service that offers a new way to express your talent, it can record everything while you draw a sketch. It is very easy to do. First, you have to register an account. Next, you sign in and ready to record. Click "Recording" button, you can use mouse to start draw. Do not worry about recording, you can stop and continue record anytime. After you done, you can take a title, category, click "Publish" button. After while you can copy and paste code onto your website.

Take a look, this sketch shows you how to write "Chinese" in Chinese character.

This is someone made batman.

Sketch Cast是一个网络服务,它提供一个表现个人才能的方法。它可以在你在白板上画素描的时候录制下来,还可以回放。非常容易使用,首先你需要注册一个账户,登陆后准备作画。点击"Recording"按钮,你可以使用鼠标来进行作画。不要担心,你可以随时终止或继续作画。当你完成后,可以取一个题目、选一个主题,点击"Publish"按钮。稍过一会,你就可以拷贝和粘贴代码到你的网站上。

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