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Similar Sites Search Engine

My blog had mention some similar site search engines, like Simolar Sites, Similicio, Similar Web, they can search and helps you to find similar sites. But the search results are not very correct if you compare to different sites. Today, I like introduce another two similar search sites.

Sites Like is a site that helps you to find and compare some similar sites. It looks not like regular search engine, it only search similar sites from its database. But you can submit websites if you could not find one. You can also vote if the site is similar or not.

Similar - Site is a similar sites search engine, very simple design, easy to search. Not only search website, it can also search similar sites by tags. Compare to these sites, I personal think Similar - Site is a good search site.

我的blog提到过一些相似网站搜索引擎,如Simolar SitesSimilicioSimilar Web,他们都可以帮助你发现网络上相似度高的网站。但是如果你比较不同的网站的话就会发现他们的搜索结果并不是完全正确。今天,我要介绍另外两个相似网站搜索引擎。

Sites Like可以帮助你发现和比较类似的网站。它看上去并不象一般的搜索引擎,它只能搜索自己的数据库,但是如果你没有发现想要的网站时可以自行添加。你也可以评选网站的相似度。

Similar - Site是一个相似网站搜索引擎,非常简单的设计,也很容易进行搜索。不仅可以搜索网站,而且还可以用搜索标签的方式发现相似网站。比较这些网站,我个人认为Similar - Site是一个不错的搜索网站。

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