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Block Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail Ads On Your Email Inbox Page

Nowadays, everybody have email. For me, I like choose big brand email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and so on. These free email services all are reliable, good service quality, but they all are have ads with mail and mail inbox. It is really annoying, especial I hate Google AdSense scans my email and display ads on my inbox page. How can we stop it? Well, it is easy. If you use Firefox and these email services you may need read this article.

WebMail Ad Blocker is a Firefox add-on, it can stop Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail display their ads on your email inbox page. It will make your inbox page clean and little big space. Like regular Firefox add-on, just download and install it, restart your Firefox. You can also configure it as you want.

Go to Tool -> Add-ons -> Options, you can choose some elements you want display, and other parts will be blocked by this add-on. It is useful.

Take look these screenshots below:

Before block ads

After blocked ads

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