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Mipony, Another Rapidshare File Downloader

I like download files from some online file host sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, Ziddu, and so on. I think many people like me, but we face to an inconvenience that is free user need to fill letters into a small bar for verification, and also have wait a few minutes before download file. If you download one file that should be fine, but if you download several files that process will make you crazy.

Of course, we have to use a client to download if file is big. We know some special file downloaders, like RapGet, JDownloader, they all are freeware. But today I like share another free special file downloader.

Mipony is another download manager program that special for download file from some file host sites. Like other file download managers, Mipony can help you to bypass letter verification, add multiple files into queue of list, and automatically download files. It also has a join tool - HJSplit that helps you join several files together. Another point is Mipony integrated a broswer which detects links from the supported websites, and makes download much easier.

We have many good special file downloaders, I can not say anyone is best, I just think maybe you can try Mipony.

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