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Print A Clean Web Page With The Printliminator

I had a post that talk about print web page as you want, you can use a web tool to manage a web page that you want print, remove something you do not want print like ads. That is good for looking, clean page and save print ink. Today, I like tell you another similar stuff, maybe easier and more convenience.

The Printliminator is a website that helps you remove elements from a web page, make a clean page for print. Actually, it offers a bookmarklet, you can drag it onto your bookmark toolbar. You can click it when you want print a page, a square will appear on the page, then move your mouse to some elements that you do not want print and click it. You can click "Undo Last Action" button if you did mistake last action. After all done, you can preview print page before you start print page. Very easy to use.

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