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Share Your Personal Files With Your Family And Friends

People like social network sites, because they can help you to share everything with other one easily on internet, even most people you have never met before. But as everything has two sides: positive and negative. The negative side is you have less privacy, anyone can find your place like home address, work place, school. Your name will list on search engine database, even you use different IDs people still can find your real name by social network search.

Sharing is a good thing, but we do not want share everything with everyone. Something we want share only with family and good friends. If you want limited share photos, videos, and notes with your closer friends or family members, you should choose a blocked network site, you can block other people enter and look at your files.

Rrripple is a new web service that helps you to build your own social network, you can share your digital stuff with your family and friends. Not like open social network, with Rrripple only people who you trusted can enter and share files.

I must say Rrripple is a very cool site, design like a media player, but for most people it seems a little bit difficult to use. It has too much steps to do, you have to watch demo video to know how to use it. I think that is a big problem, most people want easy to use, they like cool things but they do not know more about technic. Even for me, I had a problem for upload files, even I can not upload a big digital photo. Maybe cause slow speed? or other thing, I do not know.

The bottom line is if you want whole family members use this service you have to make it easy to use. This cool service only for young people, that is what I think.

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