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BlackVPN Will End Free Service Soon

I got an email from BlackVPN, it announces all free accounts will be end on next year, because it pushes out commercial VPN services now. As I said, most free VPN will end free service after they growing up. Its commercial service costs €5/month for single country server, €10/month for multiple countries like US, UK, and EU. It is a bad news for many users, up to now, I still have some people ask me how to get a free account of BlackVPN, because I wrote an article on my blog. Free lunch is over, so we have to pay now.

But, something is not too sad. I heard a news that Invisible Browsing will launch a new VPN service on January 18 of coming year, it called IB VPN. It says it will open free account, also offers commercial service. I hope the free account is not a trial account, you can limited some features but do not stop free service.

If you are interesting about IB VPN, you can take a look when it open.

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