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An Easy Way To Resize Your Photo Online

We have a lot of tools to resize image, most image editors can do that job, but if you just want simple resize your photo you can use some web tools, like web based image resizer. Most web based image resizers are same, upload photo, resizing, download resized photo step by step. Today, I like to introduce an online resizer that can use easy way to do this job.

Ezy Imager Resizer uses a very easy way to resize your photos, it uses java application. The procedure is very easy. You have to do is choose a size that you want resize, from 10% to 90% of original photo. Choose a destination folder in your computer, direct uploard multiple original photos, and also direct download resized photos just one click. It supports multiple photos. If you only want resize your photos without any software, this is a good tool.

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