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A Fun Video Search Site, MoWid

We have many search engines and tons of search sites, but most search sites pay attention to features or convenience, only a few sites make searching fun. Today, I like share a fun video search site - MoWid.

This is a special video search site, first saw it I even have no idea about searching. On top of site, it has moving tags, you can click a tag which can stay on second line, and it also displays related videos in thumbnail. Click one it will play video on main screen. But how to search with MoWid? A very small search button on left side. Click search button, you can type keywords and go search. That keywords will appear on second line with tag, and related videos also follow on. Click one you can play a video. Does it look fun?

These videos are come from internet, so the quality is not very good, but it should be fun while you use it.

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