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How To Use SSH Tunnel Connect Tor Network For Anonymous Surf On Internet

If you are a experienced internet user you should be know how to surfing online anonymously. First point is protect your internet privacy, second point is bypass local ISP or government which limited access some websites. Actually, these ways are not too difficult, just learn some knowledge, like how to use proxy, VPN, or download some software like Tor. But we have another way to do that job, a little bit harder for normal people. Main reason is you have to buy a web server which support SSH Tunnel, use a special software to connect SSH server, and forward data to your computer.

It is not easy to find a free SSH server, only few web service companies offer you a free SSH account, CJB is one. You can go to this page register a free account. This SSH server is not let you direct use tunnel, but it can forward data through Tor Network. That way makes it like a SSH/Tor proxy, and it also easy to use.

How to use:
1, Register an SSH account.

2,Download a SSH client - Putty

3,Use Putty connect SSH server.

Setup Host Name and Port:
Click Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels.
On Source port fill 7070, On Destination choose "Auto" and "Dynamic", click "Add" button. On Forwarded ports, it will display D7070.

4,Click "Open" button.

It will appear another window, follow command to type your ID and password. After that type these line below
ssh -D 7070 -Nf
It is not necessary type command after signed in.
Do not shut off this window.

5,Setup Network Connection on browser (if you use Firefox browser I recommend a Firefox add-on FoxyProxy, it makes switch proxy easily):
socks host: port: 7070 (socks 5 if use FoxyProxy)

Finally, browse some IP test sites to check your IP address. Actually, this SSH Tunnel uses Tor Network, so your IP address will be changing. I had a test, speed is fine.

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