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Quick Download Youtube Video

We love Youtube video, some people like keep videos from it but Youtube does not support download. I do not understand why it does not support download, actually we have many ways to download online videos, if you use Firefox browser you can install some add-ons, like DownloadHelper which is a very good Firefox add-on for download online video including Youtube. Fast YouTube Download is another Firefox add-on that special download video from Youtube. But some people do not like install any extra stuff into their computer, so they can use a light, fast way to download video from Youtube.

Youtubian is a bookmarklet that can stay on your bookmark toolbar if you added. It uses a javascript, you can click it while you watch a video on Youtube, it will quick add download option on video page, you can choose different type of video to download. Pretty easy and quickly.

It is very easy to add Youtubian to bookmark toolbar, just click, hold and drag it to bookmark toolbar. It is not only support Firefox, also available with Chrome, Safari 3.2, Opera 10, but it is not for IE browser.

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