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Some Nice Web Based Desktop Clients

I had post some useful web based desktop clients before, that kind of client also called virtual desktop, like, EyeOS, iCloud, but some services are already shut down. I would like arrange some cool web based desktops here.

Cloudo - offers media player, online storage, widgets, note, Google Maps, an so on.

StartForce - Same other web based virtual desktops, it offers File Explorer, Instant Messenger, Calendar, Web Mail, Contacts, Quickview, Multimedia Player, and so on.

Atoolo - offers 1GB online storage, three language versions, Google Maps, Email checker, office, and so on.

GlideOS 3.0 - offers 10 GB online storage for free user, email, HD video, calendar, create website, and so on.

Windows 4 All - based on Microsoft Silverlight, looks like a real Windows desktop.

OOS - offers 1GB online space, pdf viewer, mail, photo album, image editor, and so on.

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