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UseJump, A Secured Anonymous Browser

A reader asked me about a browser that secured and surf online anonymously, it called UseJump. but I did not know it before he mentioned that. Compare to regular proxy, UseJump browser integrates tunnel technology, bypass local ISP without configuration, very good for normal people to use.

I had try UseJump, it seems uses Dreamhost SSH Tunnel service, multiple servers where from US and UK, randomly change IP address. The speed is fine, a little bit slower than original one, but compare to other like proxy, Tor, and http tunnel, it is much better.

The good point is this browser seems clean, no ads, virus, and malware stuff. It supports multiple languages, just switch language on "Help" of tool bar. Best point is this is a freeware.

You can direct download here, or go to UseJump main page. Now it only has Windows version, but Linux and Mac are developing.

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Anonymous said...

for me running on sandboxie
usejump is very slow.
don't know if it needs some adjustment but is unusable.

3 minutes to open a page!

Living Online said...

It is unusual, but for me it was faster than other proxy client. It dependents on your local ISP.