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A Very Good Music Site, Groove Shark

We have a lot of music resource on internet, you can search, listen, download, and buy music stuff like CD, MP3 file with your browser. Internet makes our life so easy. Of course, we love free stuff if we can get it. If you live in US, Pandora is a good music site that streams tons different kind of music on internet. For people who live in other countries, they can not enjoying this music site, but they can use, it also offers tons of music and videos. Today, I like share another very good music site with you.

Groove Shark is another music site that streams tons of music from internet. You can search, listen music as many music site, a good point is it allows you to share music with other people, like sent it via email, broadcast to Twitter, share it on Facebook. It is free for search, listen music without register, but if you register an account you have more features, like make play list, share music, save your favirote songs.

I think Groove Shark is a very good music site, it is a good music site to instead of Pandora if you can not listen it in your country.

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