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Ask Questions To Someone Anonymously

I love internet, because it is so fun if you like it. We can do something that could not do in our real life. For example, people like talk to each other between friends, but for some reasons something we still do not want direct talk or ask about. But if you really want to know it how can you do? Ask other friends, this is a common sense. But if you do not want anybody know about your question how can you do? Keep silence.

GoaQoo is an interesting website, maybe it can help you. You can use this service to ask anyone tough questions without leak your name, if recipient like answer your question it will send a notification.

You can click a link that takes you to GoaQoo and look answer.

It is fun. If you like somebody and do not want tell him/her in face to face, you can use this service. But it is a single way, if recipient does not want answer or through away this mail, you still got no answer.

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