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Create Your Own Wordpress Theme With An Online Generator

This blog is using blogspot platform by Blogger, if you use another popular blog platform - WordPress maybe this post fits you.

This post talk about WordPress theme, many people like unique theme with their blogs, but most people just download free blog theme from internet or buy professional blog theme. If you want pay attention to content and do not care about blog theme, maybe you can create blog theme by yourself. Really? Yes, you can.

WordPress Theme Generator is a web based WordPress theme generator that can help you to create your own blog theme. Like most web based generators, WordPress Theme Generator is very easy to use, just choose your favorite colors, layout, tabs, titles, logo, and so on. After you done, it will save to a .zip file that you can download and upload it to your web server.


I think this is a very good web tool, if you like please take a look.

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