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How To Download Video From TVU Network

I do not know if you like use TVU player to watch some TV programs, this is a p2p internet TV client, can be use to watch many TV channels that come from different countries. I know many people like it, especial for some people who want watch live sport games, foreign TV channels. Newest version of TVU Player offers a new record button that can record video from this media network. It costs almost $2 US dollars monthly. Actually, it is not necessary. I have a trick that can be use in recording with TVU Player. Let me tell you how.

We know every internet application use own port to connect remote server, so our computer must open these ports. It is not like other p2p interent TV clients, TVU Player only uses one port, so if we know what port in using we have chance to capture stream data. Anyway, it is very easy to record video from TVU Player, even you do not have any download manager.

Method one
Use your download manager, anyone if you have. First, you must have TVU Player, open it, choose a channel to play. Open your download manager, type this address into download bar. Take a name for video file, use .asf for media format. Click down button when you ready. TVU Player must be playing while you doing recording. Do not stop playing or change channel in TVU Player if you want save video in same channel. That is all you have to do.

Use download manager


Method two
Use VLC Media Player. Open it, click "Media" drag down menu, choose "Open Network Stream...". Type You still have to open TVU Player and choose a channel that you want recording. After video appears on screen on TVU Player you can click "Play" button on VLC Media Player. You must turn on "Advanced Control" with VLV Media Player, because that will be easy to click red recording button on interface. When video appears on VLV Media Player you can click red recording button. It will save video in .asf format. This trick also can be use in TVU web based player.

VLC Media Player

Click red button

Method three (simplest)
If you do not have any download manage or VLV Media Player, you can use this simplest way to save video from TVU Player. After you open a channel with TVU Player, just type into address bar with Firfox browser (no working with IE). Click "Enter" on keyboard, it will download video without any format, you can change file with .asf format after you done.

Type address



It is easy and free.

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