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PaperBus, A New ADS Supported Proxy Client

PaperBus is a brand new proxy client, it just published this month, everyone can download it from its main website. It supports main browsers and different operation systems. The interface is similar with another commercial client - Freedur. Very simple and easy to use. As I know, PaperBus comes from Freedur.

Freedur is a commercial service that costs $59.99 US dollars a year, but PaperBus is a free service, running server by advertisement supporting. It will pop up an advertisement page every 20 minutes. It is very easy to running this client, just download and install it, you do not have to configure anything with client and browser.

PaperBus's server in USA, the speed is fine, watch video seems no problem. But since it started proxy service, heavy data traffic seems overwhelming, so it thinks about add servers in the future.

If you use PaperBus to visit Youtube, you will see a message to warning, you must fill a verification code if you want watch videos.

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