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Semsix, A Cool Web Based Media Player

I had some posts that introduce search, listen and download music from internet, popular and easy way is to use a music search engines that build in media play, so just click play button you can listen it after you have results. But some music sites are not use this way, they are built by web based application, looks very cool, and spend time to figure out how to play.

Semsix is a web based media player, it can be search, play music from internet. It is a web based application, so you have to figure out how to use. For music, you have to type any artist name, album, or title in to search bar. Click "Search" button, it will display results. Next step is add your favorite song into play-list (right site), only Youtube stuff (green dot marked) you can be added, a little bit confusing here for me. You can only play a song which in play-list. The easy way is click "Simple view", it only displays songs that on Youtube. I think best point is Semsix can play internet radio, it is much easier than play a song. Just click "Web radio", and search your favorite type of music, it will display a list of radio station. Choose your favorite one, double click or drag it in to play-list,  it will play it at once.

This is a cool web based media player.

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