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Test A New Anonymous Application, Astrill

We have many ways to protect our internet privacy, my blog introduces some useful tools, applications to readers, this time I just want to tell you another one, a brand new service that just in beta version.

Astrill is a new internet security application that can hide your real IP address while you use browser to surf websites. First, you have register an account, then, download an application, just follow step to install it. After all done, turn on this application and your browser, it supports main browsers, like IE, Firefox, and Opera. You do not have to configure anything with application and browser, it automatically connect its server. It has two servers which you can switch, one is in US, another is in UK.

I had test this application, the speed is fine. US server can watch Hulu, but UK server seems hard to watch some British TV, like BBC iPlayer, ITV. I do not know if they blocked UK server. But bother servers are not problem to watch Youtube. For my case, US server is much better than UK server.

Astrill is not a free service, it costs $12.99 US dollars monthly (whole year plan should be cheap). To be honest, it is not cheap. Now, it is opening everyone for tester, but you still need promotion code when you register. If you want test this service, you can type these codes when you register an account:


or direct click this link.

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