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Tunnelier, Best SSH Tunnel Client For Windows Operation System

If you use Telnet, SSH, and SFTP to transfer data in Windows system, you should use a special client, this client can send data in encryption, and bypass local firewall and ISP. PuTTY is a popular SSH client, most people use it for connect SSH server. For me, I only use SSH Tunnel for browse websites, PuTTY is good SSH client, it can be use in tunnel, but for safety reason it can not save password, so I have to type password every time. It is annoying when you do that every time. I thought I have to find another client instead of PuTTY.

Tunnelier is one that I found and using now. It is a SSH and SFTP client for Windows operation system. It supports dynamic and manual TCP/IP tunneling, auto-reconnection, a graphical SFTP file transfer client,  FTP-to-SFTP protocol bridge, and so on. Of cause, it supports to save password. Most important thing is personal use can be free.

For most people who like me, this client is very easy to use. Just fill SSH host, port, user ID, and password, tick "Store encrypted password in profile". It is good for SSH tunnel and SFTP. If you use Windows operation system this client is good for you, I had try use PuTTY to connect some SSH servers, they had crash after connected. But Tunnelier did not, it works fine.

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