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Use FireFound Track Your Computer

I carry my laptop all the time while I travel to somewhere, I saw many people like me, they carry their laptop or netbook computer on the road. You know something happening before you thought, if you are unlucky your could loose your laptop after you did not pay attention to. How can we do if we lost computer? Report cops but usually they can not do anything for you. Otherwise we can do something we can, like track your computer. How can we track our computer if we did not put anything on it? Yes, we have to do that.

FireFound can help us to track our computer. it is very simple, just install a small Firfix add-on. After restart Firefox, it will ask you to create an account, just fill user ID and password that you wanted. Configure this add-on setting, Tool -> Add-ons ->; FireFound -> Option, fill your email address that can send you an email for notice your computer move to somewhere, default distance is 2 miles. Tick everything for emergency it can delete all data that saved on your browser. That is all you have to do with Firefox browser.

If you want know where your computer is, you can go to FireFound, use your ID and password to sign in your account, it displays your computer physical address with Google Maps, and some information about local network.

It is a cool tool. But you still have to ask police to retrieve your computer.

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Anonymous said...

hello syberw.

please can you help me a bit.


you describe tusurfer.

i registered and run the mobile client(no install needed)
and browsing is ok.
in your article you say that you can't hear anything from videos and music.

well that's true.
but why if this is so linux environment of the client has movie and media player running?

i mean if it has media player to use what's the meaning of not being able to use it?

is there any way to listen sound from tusurfer operating system?

and also is it me or the client window can't be opened on full screen?

Living Online said...

TUS uses another technology that called NoMachine, it is a remote controller, just control remote computer as other similar clients. It only captures desktop, running application but it can not capture audio file, remote machine must use microphone to transfer audio data. It is not about system or media player, it is a remote access manager.
TUS is not a VPN or SSH tunnel service.

Anonymous said...

so microphone must be placed on this remote computer?it's not up to user's ability to be able to do anything right?

Living Online said...

No anyway to capture audio from remote machine now. Also, server machine made limited right for user to do something on remote machine, for example, add/delete files, upload/download files.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks!