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LG Shows How To Play Pirated Movie On TV

This news from TorrentFreak, I was a shock after I read it. It reports some new LG TV model show how to play pirated movie in customer manual because these new TV models have USB port and allows customer to hook up an external drive to TV screen in order to view photos, listen to music, and play a movie. I think LG doing this way to push its new products, it knew what customers want.

In the packaged English language manual, LG does not try to obfuscate the true purpose of this nifty USB feature – playing pirated movies. In the picture below, LG included pirated versions of The Incredibles and The Aviator, while explaining how easy it is to play the films directly on a TV.
I cannot believe a famous company endorses pirated stuff, I understood why people like pirated stuff, but I did not think about a large company also encourages people to use it.

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