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Sharing Is Beautiful, But Not At All

Internet is beautiful! We can use it to do many things which we can't before. I think best benefit of internet we have is information sharing, social networking seem so popular, and people can share everything to each other even they have never met before. Sharing is nice, but not everything, meanwhile you may do not know what your personal information leaked.

I heard a story from radio yesterday, a girl posted her personal story on her Facebook which talks about she had slept with two men one night. She is a normal girl like our neighbor girl, she has a good job, when her mom saw this story she could not believe that is her daughter. I think she is naive or stupid. Maybe before she wrote she has never thought about how her family, neighbors, boss, co-workers think about that when they read it. Does it cool or just for fun?

You have to be careful when you doing something with a social networking site, make sure it will not leak your personal information. Some websites give you convenience, but have some private risk. Four Square is a social networking site that lets you tell the world where you are and what you doing now. But for me, I never touch this kind of site. Think about that who care about where you are or what you doing? Only your family and friends, is right? We can use some personal networking sites to restrict viewers.

Another site called Please Rob Me that like a joke, you can direct tell the world when you are not in home. I do not understand why people like use it, even it posts your real house address. Do you still want use it?

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