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Youtube 4oD Channel

If you like watching British TV program you should know Channel 4, if you want to watch TV show on your computer you can go to 4 on Demand. Now, you can watch some popular British TV shows on Youtube 4oD.

Of course, you must have a UK IP address, at least you have to use VPN if you do not live in UK. Youtube 4oD offers whole 4 on Demand shows, like Comedy, Documentaries, Drama, Food, Homes, Lifestyle. Why we have to watch these TV shows on Youtube 4oD, not on original site? Because Youtube interface is better than original site, you do not have to browse channels on mess web pages (to be honest, original site looks too mess for me). Most important thing is we can use some special downloaders to download show if you like to save them into your hard drive.

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