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Identify Some True Business Emails With Iconix

Nowadays, more people use internet to do business or shopping, so we have to use email more than regular snail mail, like buy something, send or receive money via email. But we also have a big problem is too much phishing mails, fraud mails, and scam mails. How can we distinguish between true and fake mail? Actually, if you pay more attentions, it is not too hard, just use common sense we can avoid mistake, but sometimes people never think about that.

Iconix is a web service that helps you to avoid mistake when you got these phishing mails, fraud mails, ad scam mails. It will scan your mail inbox automatically, identify and mark real or fake business mails. It supports email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, some main web mail services like Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL mail, AIM mail, EarthLink Mail.

First, you have download a small application, it works with two main browsers IE and Firefox. After that, a small icon appears in your inbox when you sign in your web mail, click it you can edit option. It will automatically identify and mark some main business mail, real or fake.

It also works with email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, you have to download another piece of application.

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