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Inbox2, All In One Desktop For Emails & Social Networking Sites

Inbox2 offers a desktop client that integrates some email services and social networking sites, like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. That means you can receive email from different email services, and stream messages from different sites in your desktop. You can read, reply, search and be productive without having to login to multiple accounts.

Of course, you have download and install it first, after running client, it will display a window. You can choose one or more accounts to login from interface. After that, you can use it like a regular email client to read, reply and send emails. For social networking sites, you can read and reply messages, like Twitter, you can also send tweets.

It is a good desktop client, and easy to use, read and send messages all in one place. If you are interesting you can have a try.

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