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MyEmail, A New Email Service With 30 GB Web Storage

Nowadays, everyone has email account, and we have some good choices from different email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Live Mail..., Which one is best? I think different people have different choice, but I do not want to talk about these big internet companies today, I want introduce a new email provider - Myemail.

I am not say Myemail is best email service, I just tell you this information, and let you have more choice. This is a free email service, like other email services it has all common features. I have to mention one point that I loved: resize email attachment. This is very good  to send digital photos, you do not have resize photo before attach it. Not only email service, it also offers big web storage: 30GB, including photo album, calendar. So we can upload your documents, photos, and other files. But each times when you sign in your account, it will pop-up an ads window.

As I said, I am not promote this service, just give you this information, you can take a look, maybe you like. But I have to remind you, do not put your important file to a new server because we do not know how this new service keep going.

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