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Three Ways To Watch Youtube Video In A Clean, Individual Window

Youtube is a very popular video service site, but if you do not want to see too much mess stuff on Youtube web page, you can use some web tools to reduce some stuff, only play video in an individual window. Now we can use three web tools to do it.

Quietube is a simple way to watch Youtube video in individual window, it also supports BBC iPlayer, Viddler, and Vimeo. Just copy Youtube video address and paste it to address bar after Quietube, like that:

VTube Tools is another web based tool to make custom Youtube player. It is simple to copy and paste Youtube video address to an address bar, choose a size and other options, click "Preview" button, it will play Youtube video in another window. If you want embed player to your website, just click "getcode" button, it will give you a code.

Safe Share is another simple way to share Youtube video without too much mess stuff. Very very simple, just copy Youtube video address into an address bar, click "Generate safe link" button, it will give another URL. You can send this URL to other people, the video can be playing in an individual window.

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