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Creat Your Facial Sketch Online

Internet is an amazing thing that can make many things easily and quickly. We have tons of web tools, they can be used in different subjects. For example, even I am not a photographer I still can take a nice shot because I can use web based image editor to change everything on a photo. Today, I like to introduce a web based tool that can help you to sketch face picture.

Pimp The Face is a web based image editor, you can use it to make a facial sketch. It has many modes, so very easy to create a facial sketch as you wanted. Just pick a part and choose a right one that fits you, like eyes, nose, hair. After all done, you can save it on Pimp The Face. Click "this face on Web" you can see a page display your sketch, it also offers code for you to paste it to your website. It is a pretty cool tool.

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