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Make Your Computer Screen Bigger While Your Surfing Online

We always want big screen while we use computer even we already use big screen on desktop, most browsers are occupied some screen space, like toolbars, some add-ons. How can we enlarge our computer screen as possible as we can? gives us a resolution, enlarge our screen. Just download and install it, it is a freeware, supports Windows and Mac. After that, just start this application, its main page display many video sites, such Youtube, Hulu, ABC, NBC. You can click it and watch video with big screen. I try to watch Hulu,  but it says Hulu does not support Youtube is fine, but uses different URL - Youtube XL. If you want surf websites with this platform, you can use a soft keyboard to type web address. It looks like use a Wii browser. If you are interesting about this application you can have a try.

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