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A Simple And Fast Way To Send A Big File

Sometimes we have to send files to friends, email services only deliver small file, most service limited size 5MB, 10MB, even Gmail only allows 20MB. If we want sand a file that bigger than 20MB, how can we do? Usually, we can upload file to some web space like file hosting site, or your personal website. Today, I like to introduce another way, you can upload file, and receiver can download file at same time.

File In A Flash is a good choice, it is a simple and fast way to send big file to your friends, family, or co-workers. Very easy to do. Let me show you about some steps below.

If you want send a big file, first step is click "New File Transfer" button.

Choose your file from your computer, File In A Flash gives you a web address for download. You can send this link to your friends.

Receiver can paste this link to address bar, click "ACCEPT" bar.

A file download processing.

After download, click "Browse" button.

Choose a place to save file in your computer.

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