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Use Ilivid To Watch Video While It Download Media File

If you have experience with internet, you should know how to download popular videos from some file hosting sites, like Rapidshare, Megaupload they have lots of very good movies, TV shows. Usually, we must download whole media file in to hard drive, then play it. This way is very slow because a big media split and compressed several pieces. You must download all files and unzip to one file, last step is play it. I know a software can play media file while it downloading, so I like to introduce it today.

Ilivid is a special downloader which can download file from some popular file hosting sites, like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile. Almost the same as other file downloaders, it has some features like Link checker, easy to copy and paste URL, quick download files, the best point is can be playing while it download a media file. So you do not have to waiting finish download whole file, it also supports multiple RAR archives. You can set up automatically play file, just tick "Play video when ?% is ready" on interface of application. I suggest choose 20%, that way can play while video without interrupt. Of course, it depends on your internet broadband.

This is a freeware, but you have to pay attention while you install it. If you do not want to install unnecessary stuff you have to choose customization, if you have VLC Player you do not need to install it again. I suggest you do not install any toolbar, change your browser main page. Whole install mode that will give you all that kind of stuff.

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