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Use Mr.Zhang To Break Internet Censorship

I have some posts that introduce how to break internet censorship, especially in China, Iran. China has a worst internet censorship, but Chinese people also create some very good software that can break strict internet filter. Today, I would like to introduce a secured HTTP client that called Mr.Zhang.

Unfortunately, Mr.Zhang is only a Chinese version, but easy to use even you do not know Chinese. Let me introduce this client a little. It is a secured HTTP client that combines Plink, SSH client, it offers free connect to remote SSH service, so you do not have to do anything with client, only thing you need to do is change your browser's Network setting, like that: If you use IE browser you do not have to change anything.

Let me to translate main keys. First, you can download it.

By the way, let me tell you a love story that about Mr.Zhang. This is a love story in Chinese novel, Mr.Zhang met his lover between a wall, they just use poem to express their love. One day, Mr.Zhang wants to see his lover, so he was climbing through the wall.

This article is special for my Iranian friends.

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