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Store, Share Your Image And Video Files With PhotoRem

PhotoRem is photo and video storing, sharing site, it has multiple purposes: store your image and video files, edit your photos, embed your photo, make presentation. Of course, you can share your files with other people by some social networking sites, like Twitter, Orkut, and Facebook.

Its interface is different, on left side, it puts search bars, you can search photos from your library or load photos from Picasa, you can also search and play videos from Youtube. You can upload your photos or videos from your computer, click one photo it will display some options that let you embed or email photo, you can use editor to edit your photo, even you can use your webcam to make a snapshot. It supports multiple file formats, like JPG, GIF image file. FLV, MOV, MP4 video formats. MP3 music file. PDF, Doc, XLS document files. For store image file without limitation.

It is a free service, you can take a try.

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