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A Trick Tool To Hide Your File In A Picture

Internet security is very important that is why we have to install some security software into our computer, anti-virus, firewall, and others. But file safety is also very important, if someone open your computer they will see any files. So we have some tricks to hide our files, or use software to encrypt files. Today, I like to introduce a useful software that let you to hide files in a picture.

Jpg+FileBinder is a useful tool that lets you to hide compressed files (WinRar, WinZip, 7Zip, etc) in a picture, so after processed, nobody knows a file should hide inside.

It is easy to use, just double click it to run, it is a green software, so you can run anywhere in any fold. Choose a picture from your computer in first line, second line is for a compressed file which you want to hide. Third line is for you save a new file. This tool is a trick, it is not a secured tool, so everyone can access your file if they know that is compressed file. How to open it? Just use a compression tool like WInRar, WInZIp, 7Zip, etc. But it displays a normal image file, click it default open a picture.

Direct download Jpg+FileBinder.

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