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Use LaptopLock To Protect Personal Privacy If You Lost Loptop

It seems everybody have laptop or netbook computer, compare to desktop, laptop is easy to carry, but the lost rate is much higher than desktop. If you lost your laptop you should face to serious privacy problem. How can we protect our privacy if we lost laptop? Actually, we can try this software below.

LaptopLock is a software that can delete your personal data after you lost laptop. How does it work? You have to register an account first, download and install software. If the computer is stolen, you can login into your account on its website, mark the computer status as stolen. As soon as that machine connects to the internet, the actions you set during setup will execute. LaptopLock will also try to find out as much as possible about the connection to help in recovery of the machine. If after a while LaptopLock has been unable to connect to the Internet, it could ask the user to verify their identity by asking for a password. You can set up this option while software is installing.

If you mark your laptop statue as stolen, it will delete folders or files which you added security plan. Up to now this service is free. The application supports Windows 2000/XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32-bit).

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