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The World In Panoramic

I have written an article "Paris 26 Giga Pixels Photo" that introduces a panoramic photo of Paris. It was a huge photo, if you do not have enough broadband it should load slow. Today, I like to introduce another website that shows you more panoramic photos around the world.

Viewat uses Google Maps to display some very interesting panoramic photos, you can very easy to find a photo where it took on a world map. Some photos are very good, I saw one even it took underwater. You can find many small icons on the map, choose one, after appears a small window, just click it. It will display a big panoramic photo automatically. Very cool!

This website is also an internet community, if you are photographer or photograph lover, you can join it, you can upload your own panoramic photo, or take a vote. It is a good chance to see different photos there.

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