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EzyZip, A Web Based File Compression Tool

Every new computer pre-installed many software, but only a few software are useful, I think most are junk that have contract with software companies for promotion. If someone download a compressed file like .zip, .rar, how can you open with your new computer? You have to download a file compression tool, like Winzip, WinRAR. Of course, this is a best way. But for some reason your computer does not have any compression tool, and you need to open a .zip file, maybe you have to think about to use a web based tool.

EzyZip is a web based tool that lets you to compress your file in .zip format. You do not have to download and install any software, just use your browser to do this job. It is not hard to use this tool, if you do not know, just follow instruction.

Zipping files

1. Click the "Zip" tab.
2. Click "Select Archive File" to choose target zip file. Provide a new name or select an existing zip file (if you wish to overwrite).
3. Click "Create archive".
4. Add files to zip file by clicking "Add file(s)" or alternatively drag & drop files into "Files to archive" list.
5. Click "ZIP EM!" to begin zipping.

Unzipping files

1. Click the "Unzip" tab.
2. Click "Select ZIP file" to choose zip archive.
3. Click "Select destination" directory to pick folder where unzipped files will be stored.
4. Click "UNZIP IT!" to begin unzipping.

p.s. this tool requires java platform.

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