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Grab Steganos Privacy Suite 10 For Free

Steganos Privacy Suite 10 is computer security software that can protect your privacy, like shred your data, encrypt file, create safe password. The newest version is Steganos Privacy Suite 11, it costs $69.95 US dollars. German PC magazine - PCWelt has a promotion that gives away old version Steganos Privacy Suite 10.

How can we get it? It is easy, just go to this page, this is a German web page, but it is not too hard figure out. Type your email address, click "Abschicken" button, it will send an email with registration code.

Last step is download Steganos Privacy Suite 10.


Anonymous said...

hello syberw.

can you please confirm that is not working anymore as free vpn.

i get error vpn 734 last month when i try to connect.

is it dead or it's only me?

Living Online said...

According to official website says, Internetnolimit still keeps free VPN account but it only offers 1 hour per day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks,i know that but my problem is that i can't connect anymore with my account.

i suppose it has ceased operations...