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Protect Your Media File With A Sepcial Media Player

Nowadays, digital media file is very popular, people use digital camera, camcorder, or webcam to take personal video, most people like keep them in computer or upload to website. But, the problem is if you do not want other people to open your media file how can you do? Use a software to encrypt them? Yes, this is a good way. Actually, we have another way, use a special media player to add a password to protect your media file.

GreenForce Player is a media player that can play popular media files, like video, audio. This part is not special, the most important point is it can let you add a password to protect your media file. After that, there is not any regular media player can open your media file, but you can use GreenForce Player can play it after type a password.

How to add a password to a media file? Open GreenForce Player, Choose DMR of tab. Click "Protect video". Import a media, and type a password. Click "Save" button, it will make an encrypted file.

If you want to play encrypted media file, only use GreenForce Player open it, type your password, it will play file.

It is a useful tool, but it has some problems while I did a test, I could not open some videos. But, it also offers a portable version, so if you do not like it just delete directly.

Download this software on this web page.

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