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A Special Web Based Note Application

We have many web based note services, we can easy to write down and save something on web server, so we can access it any time, anywhere. It is convenient, especial for people who like to write down something while they surf online. Today, I would like to introduce another useful web based note service, it is a special web application. is a web based application that lets you store note and files on a web page. Everyone can use it without register, it gives you a random unique web address. Just remember this address, you can add, edit, or delete your note, files. What is difference between and other web based note applications? That is the point, with you do not have to save it after you add text, file, it will automatically save file for you.

Another good point is it is very easy to share your file with other people, just send link to your friends, and everyone also can add, edit, delete file. It is a collaborative tool, anyone can use it.

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