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Try VPNReactor For Free

My bloger reader Sassan sent me an information which talks about free VPN service today, I also like to share it with all my readers. We have a few free VPN services, but most free services are switch to commercial service. For VPN providers, keep free service is not easy, so I understand why most free VPN providers are also running commercial service.

VPNReactor is one of them, it runs commercial VPN service, but also lets you to try VPN service with some restrictions for free. First, you have to register an account that should be easy, after confirmed your email, it gives you a web page that displays connection information. It uses PPTP connection, so you do not have to download and install any software in your computer.

This free service has some restrictions, every 30 minutes automatically disconnect service, if you want continue you have to reconnect server. It blocks SMTP port. Each month, it will send you an email to make confirmation you still want keep free service, you have to click link to activate your free account.

I have to try this free VPN service, the speed is little bit slow. It displays IP address in USA.

Special thanks Sassan who offers this information.

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